Project Statement

To design and develop a website that will allow customers to register and then watch paid ads through queued ads and earn money. It will allow membership packages to be selected by the logged-in registered customer.

We will support different currencies, membership plans, different forms of payment gateways and wallet payments.

It will basically have three logins: Admin, User, and Vendors

Module details

1 - Initial Planning and Design
2 - Primary Database Design
→ Customer Management
Personal details will be a username, First name, Last name, email, password, forgot the password, secured pin, address, city, state, zip code, dob, gender, referral, etc
Ads watched
→ Ads management
Post Paid Ads
Vendors for ads registration
Vendors plans / subscriptions
→ Manage Payment gateways
Integrate payment gateways
→ Membership packages:
Membership plans
→ Blog management
Manage blogs
→ Currency management:
Manage different currencies
Home Page with Logo designing
About Us
Contact the US
Follow Us Social media links
Privacy policy
Terms of Service
Web Services & DB architecture managemen
Testing & Bug Fixing

Software to Use

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behaviour

PHP 7 & MySQL5.6 as server-side programming language and database. Phalcon PHP framework (The fastest framework)
Dot net MVC with ASP and SQL Server as server-side programming language and database

Choice of Technology

Website - We will use PHP for coding the website and MySql as the application database. With over 80% share in the server-side languages worldwide and with the recent addition of features, PHP is the suitable choice for this project. Both PHP & MySql is free to use so no licensing cost is involved.  For better organization, faster development and security we will use a PHP framework for development. We suggest the use of the Phalcon framework or CA UI Framework which is the fastest framework available.
Or we can also use Dot Net MVC with the SQL server. It will require a windows server for hosting. We will use a framework compatible with the same.